Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-12-28

Chapter 14 – The Sixth Sense – the Door to the Temple of Wisdom

Hill tells us “ Somewhere in the cell structure of the brain is located an organ
which receives vibrations of thought ordinarily called “hunches” and “warns us 
of impending dangers In time to avoid them, and notifies us of opportunities
n time to embrace them.”

Do we leave room in our mind to hear the Sixth Sense, that hunch, that
“Still small Voice” or do we have so much noise and clutter around us that the voice
is drowning any hunches that would try to enter?

Joan is a Network Marketer and Joan lives by herself, except for the two cats
and a dog that keep her company.  The two cats do not get along and the dog is
not happy with either of the cats.  So the pets make a lot of noise as they run
around the house irritating each other.  Joan has never cared for housework so
there are days when the dishes do not get washed and they pile up in the sink. 
There are books and papers scattered in the living room and the television is on all
day because Joan does not like the quiet and feels she has company when the television
is on.  Joan stays up late so she ends up sleeping in just about every day  and begins
to work her business when she feels like it, but she thinks about it all day.  Somewhere
under all the papers and books is her datebook where she records her appointments and,
Oh yes, there is a computer here  - some where, maybe it is beside the plate with the leftover of
yesterdays sandwich. The radio plays in the background in the office because she feels it
helps her concentrate better.  Joan again stays up late because there is a show she just
has to watch and sleeps in again the next morning.

Sally is also a Network Marketer and also lives by herself.  She has no pets. She believes
in keeping her home clean and uncluttered. She has a television but it is only on when she
wants to watch a particular show or a movie and whenthe movie or show is finished she
shuts off the television.  When she works on her business, her workspace is neat and tidy with
her date book beside her computer so she can keep track of her appointments and the
conference calls she wants to attend.   It is quiet in her office as Joan does not like to have
the radio in the background because she finds it very distracting.  She gets up early to work
her business but she also goes to bed early to get the proper amount of sleep so she can function
at her best the next day.

Are we blocking all communication because we have become a Joan and live our lives in clutter
and noise?   If we live like Joan will we hear when we are warned of danger and will we be able
to hear an opportunity when it is presented?

Maybe we decided to be a Sally instead and cleaned up our home and mind and gotten rid of the 
noise of the television and radio so we can actually hear ourselves think and become aware of 
any warnings of danger or embrace any opportunity because we left room in our mind to hear
and listen to that sixth sense, that hunch, that “Still small voice”.

Joan or Sally?  Which Network Marketer are we?

Tuula Rands