Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tony Koker Stoughton, MA, United States

Posted: 2016-12-28

Hunches, Inspiration and Commands

   I can remember having hunches, intuition and a sixth sense since when I was very young. However, I did not have faith or belief in it then. Often, I would question, or even completely ignore it altogether. I didn't even note the suggesions, so I had no frame of reference as to whether they turned out to be right, true and correct or not.
   Sometimes, I would call some random thought a hunch, but it was nothing more than my imagination putting things together, that I already knew, into some new form. I had no feeling of belief or faith. It just seemed more like an educated guess.
   I was aware that I did have insights, sometimes, when talking with people. When both are truly tuned into each other, and sharing real thoughts, and not just idle jibber-jabber. This connection is a form of sixth sense, I believe, but as it is experienced by multiple people, we call it our mastermind. When listening to new clients, building rapport, in addition to skills we've learned, our sixth sense allows us to key into a new mastermind experience.
   Today, I find I tune in all the time, every day. 
   I have quite a collection of headlines and photos that I often use for marketing. In addtion to statistical results from tracking, as I work through those that have succeeded before, I rely upon my sixth sense when choosing the next headline. My most successful campaigns have been new combinations of headline and graphic. Once the headline is chosen, I rely upon my sixth sense to chose a graphic, from those I already have, or I find myself searching for a new one.
   Driving, meditating, and even when falling asleep at night, I find I obtain brilliant insights. I know to write it down right away, because, otherwise it will be lost back into the ether. Rarely can I recapture an insight, later. I think of these as my commands, received from the ether. Like a flash of lightening, we instantly recognize the import of the message, and are emotionally driven to take action now. Capturing it in writing is like the firefly trapped in the jar for later.
   Successfully receiving and implementing my sixth sense adds to the joy and fun in this business. Building relationships, working with people and personally improving, increase my energy and sustain high thought vibrations.
   I am grateful I have found this group. Together we help and get help.

with gratitude, and, in service
Tony Koker