Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Christine Lewis-anderson Bronx, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-12-27

"The Sixth Sense, or creative imagination is the part of the mind that helps you to avoid an accident." I have heard this for many years, but I did not realize, until now, how real it is.

Over the years, I have thought of people right before they appeared. However, I believed it was coincidence. I have thought of people right before they called; and then said, "you are going to live long."

Yet, the Mind-Blowing aspect is that it protects you from having an accident. Some of us have visions. We need to take it more seriously. Most of the time we attribute it to God.

It is the Sixth Sense that helps us to arrive at our goals. For instance, OUR MAKER will plant an instinct or idea in our minds. If we consistently write down our goal everyday, we will achieve it. Hence, they work hand in hand.

The Sixth Sense is vital to our existence in that it inspires and motivates us to do the right thing.

In terms of network marketing, every once in a while, I get these Hunches or ideas. They inspire me to use life experiences in advertising. It may not be conventional or the norm, but it makes me want to use it over and over again. Then when I meet up with the Mastermind Group, for a tutorial, I can expand on it. That is, I learn what the laws are and how not to break them.But basically, your creative imagination and common sense, keeps you in line. 

The bottom line is, I am proud of having a Sixth Sense, because it is protective. It keeps you alert and aware. Moreover, it is the quality that has helped to create some of our greatest leaders, inventors and famous people from the past.

Thank you MFF Family,

Christine A Lewis-Anderson