Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ed Rands Kelowna, BC, Canada

Posted: 2016-01-28

Alchemy is an ancient practice which had several aims; none of which were particularly successful in the physical world. However, emotional alchemy does work, and can drive anyone to great heights when used properly.

One major goal of ancient alchemy was to turn one type of metal into another, known as transmutation. Usually, lead to gold. Never worked, as far as records show. However, in the realm of emotional alchemy, one emotion can be turned into another through transmutation. It is possible, with practice, to convert any one or more of the eight positive emotions into any one of the others.

Particularly handy with the strongest of emotions, sex. There are many times and places when acting upon that emotion is just not appropriate. It’s too soon in a relationship, or you’re in a public place you don’t want to be kicked out of and banned for life. Instead, transmute it to love, or enthusiasm, or something else more appropriate for the circumstances.

Another goal of alchemy was to create an elixir of immortality. By mixing together the eight positive emotions and using them to fuel a life of love and prosperity, you won’t physically live forever, but you’ll live on for a long time in the hearts and memories of generations to come.

You remember that fella who always hung out in the corner, never talked except in a monotone, never took a risk, but was very logical and could recite facts and figures like a two-legged encyclopedia? Yeah, neither does anyone else.

Another aim of ancient alchemy was the creation of panaceas or a cure for all diseases. Well, there are quite a few studies which show how detrimental negative emotions are upon the health. There are also quite a few cases where positive emotion has been integral in the healing of all sorts of diseases.

The other attempt of alchemy was to create a universal solvent. Desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, hope, and prosperity have an almost magical way of breaking down barriers.

Ancient alchemy was a flop. Emotional alchemy is the real deal. With practice, it makes for an incredible tool to propel you to all kinds of success.

Ed Rands
Kelowna, BC