Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ron West Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Posted: 2016-12-27

Chapter 14 The Sixth Sense.

In this chapter, Hill says that the sixth sense will only be
understood after we have mastered all the principles
recently referred to in previous chapters of this book.

Therefore it is not readily understood by many, but only
a few of us who have studied this philosophy, plus some
knowledge and experience with which to compare the
Sixth Sense.

Hill goes on to speak about a ‘Guardian Angel’ who will
always open the door to the 'Temple of Wisdom' to you
at all times, once you have mastered the principles of
the development of the sixth sense either from this book
or some similar method of procedure.

Personally I have believed in this principle of a 'Sixth
for many years now, since I became interested
in discovering the reasons for my own hunches and
moments of inspiration, from my own understanding
of 'everything happens for a reason'.

Provided we always seek a 'positive' outcome of events,
then we will understand the ‘hunches’ or as I would
prefer to call it, 'moments of caution' that suddenly
appear out of nowhere, and make us 'pause and think' 
for a moment, before we make the next move.

'Pausing' and 'Listening' to our own 'Internal Instincts'

An example I can think of right now is, when I am driving
and for some reason I am later than I would want to be,
I am slowed down by weight of traffic ahead, I now think
to myself (have a hunch?), I must be late for a reason,
and sure enough further down the road, the reason I was
delayed, appears.

After all, isn't it better to get where you
are going, rather than not ever getting there?
'It's better to arrive, than never to arrive at all!'

Provided I search for a 'positive' reason, things always
work out for the best!
(Keep substituting a 'negative' thought with a 'positive' one!)

Hill goes on to demonstrate how he has improved his
‘self talk’ by using his imagination in having a Master-mind’  
discussion with the people he most looks up to, or as he
says, those he admires and wants to gain knowledge from.

This is so intense that to him, it becomes a real-time
experience, from which he learns the deep psychological
reasons to enhance his own understanding, and the pursuit
of his own desires.

This in turn shows me, how much he has studied each and
every one of his own imaginary mastermind group, with
whom he wishes to discuss his various challenges so that 
he in turn, can help others to understand more, from his
own depth of knowledge and experience.

This is the first time I have consistently read every chapter
within this amazing book. I am now only just discovering
how much more there is to learn from within. 
Indeed, I am now able to discover more about why
successful people are where they want to be, not just at
this point in time, but also how they continue to learn more
and more from each other and everyone around them, for
the benefit of those who wish to aspire to a more
satisfactory, and pleasant existence. 

I am so grateful to Michael and all the other leaders in this
group, for sharing their wisdom, in these daily discussions.

Southampton UK

p.s. “When the student is ready... the Teacher will appear!”