Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2016-12-26

The sixth sense functions only if the negative talk radio is off. We must turn the radio know from small minded people talk about people while brilliant people talk about thoughts and ideas. Then of course we must ACT on ideas ASAP. Because plans are useless without putting them into action. Jean Mc Cloud, Bob Shoaf and Margi Starr are the ones who are doing it. Now its our turn. And remember they were once followers. Napoleon Hill mentions that the follower who can follow the leader most effectively is the one who develops quickest into a leader. Therefore when you follow that point your learning curve is shorter and you are more likely to reach your goal faster.

Also self talk must be put into it as well. Because if you are saying that every day you are getting better and better without any emotion then you are just talking to the wall. Words without emotion do NOT reach the subconscious mind. 

Goals are created in the mind BUT they must be written down. Because if it is NOT then all you are doing is flying by the seat of the plans. In other words you have made a wish NOT a decision. Doing wishful thinking will only keep you as a passenger. NOT a driver who has control where you are going. If you allow the wrong shofer to drive the car then you will be headed somewhere where you would want to stay away from? WHY do that? Napoleon Hill says that "Without doubt the most common weakness of all human beings is the habit of leaving their minds open to negative people." 

That is why no matter how much money you are earning from your job or your business or both. If four of your friends are broke no much how much money you are earning, no much how much money you have in the bank, YOU will be number 5.

Therefore like Michael says in his book Success In Ten Steps "If you want to be a millionaire mastermind with millionaires, if you want to make only $30,000 per year then mastermind with people who are only making $30,000 a year." And in the end you will be saying "I wish I had" instead of "I am glad I did".

Bottom line: You gotta have a mastermind group of people who are hitting their goals and are getting promoted in their business, because like attracts just like a magnet!!! Just do it today NOT tommorow. Because if you wait until aunt Matilda moves out, or when the kids are out of school in June then you will be cooked in the squat every time. And the sixth sense will be blocked by all the negative weed planted in your brain by the toxic naysayers, like those snobs and nerds who used to be the teachers pet back in elementary school.

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: When you have the radio OFF then ideas and hunches will appear. Write it down in the notepad because if you do not then it will vanish as soon as it came.