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John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-12-26

The Thirteenth Step toward Riches – THE SIXTH SENSE.

It is often said that women more attuned and better at listening to their bodies and senses than men. This may well be true but in no other chapter is the need for all of us to pay close attention to our inner being better explained than here.

Whether we chose to accept or ignore it at the time, most of us will have been exposed to this ‘sixth sense’ experience and probably more than once through our lives.

A ‘tingle’ down the spine, that ‘gut feeling’, ‘hunch’ or ‘premonition’, whatever we call it, that is the sixth sense at work and each of the chapters so far have led us to this subject with which Hill suggests most people are not familiar.

He goes on to explain that somewhere in the brain is an organ so sensitive it receives thought vibrations outside of the other five senses.

As fanciful as that may sound, that this mystical sense exists is in evidence almost daily – Newspaper reports of men and women who at the last minute changed travel arrangements on a ‘feeling’ or whim and thus avoided falling victim in  major road, rail air and sea disasters. The great racing driver Juan Miguel Fangio inexplicably slowing his car to walking pace during the Monte Carlo Grand Prix before a corner beyond which, and out of his sight, there was a multi vehicle pileup in which numerous other drivers were hurt. Why did he slow down? His sixth sense, which he had learned never to ignore, told him something was wrong.

Hill states the sixth sense to be a subject of great interest and benefit to those who aiming to create great wealth, most of those who read these chapters I would guess, but of little use to those with more modest desires. However, although that may well have been his experience, it’s my belief provided it remains well used and heeded, it is truly a priceless gift for all of us because while it certainly warns of impending dangers, the sixth sense also acts as a ‘tuning fork’ almost to make us aware of great opportunity this sense to be as important as the other five.

For many, including me, the act of finding the Mentoring for Free mastermind group and system is a great example of the sixth sense in action – I knew I was looking for something but it was that sixth sense which told me here was a great opportunity to align with already successful mentors and coaches who could help me on my journey, an opportunity open to all with the will to take the trip.

With every best wish that 2017 brings you all you desire for yourself and those you love.

John and Judith Smith - Gloucester - UK