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Tony Guthrie Huntsville, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2016-12-26

The Sixth Sense

An interesting chapter. I have shared before that I have read this book several times over the years. And, as my experience and finances demonstrate, I have proven that the mere reading of a book doesn't make the premises of the book become reality in one's life. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is merely potential power. Knowledge has no value unless it is acted upon. I think when I read this treatise years ago I was at a fairly immature place in my life. Concepts that Hill shares in the book are detailed and indepth from a philosophical perspective. I also think that although I understood the concepts generally, I had no clue of how to apply them. I wish that I did. 

The idea of a sixth sense is one that I relate to now. A hunch or a flash of inspiration are things we all can relate to in one way or another. A great idea just comes to you, seemingly, out of nowhere. There have been times when I have had "tried" to figure something out or create a plan and nothing was there. Then when I was away from the "work" of planning, many times a "hunch" or "flash" would strike me. I trained myself to always have a pen and paper nearby so I could jot the idea down. I knew that if I didn't, I would likely forget it no matter how obvious an idea that it was. 

I like TGR immensely. But I also enjoy an almost equally-as-popular book by Maxwell Maltz entitled, Psycho-Cybernetics: A New Technique for Using Your Subconscious Power. I recently pulled my old copy off the shelf and read a couple of chapters that are along the same theme as TGR. Maltz pointed out that we each have within us a servo-mechanism. This "mechanism" is similar to a guided missile. It's purpose is to head directly toward a given target. The missile will respond to "feedback" it receives, either positive or negative. Positive feedback is all the signals that the missile is on course. Negative feedback is that information that the missile receives that lets it know that it has steered off course. The missile has been designed to read the negative feedback and self-correct in order to return to the correct path. 

Maltz pointed out that our servo-mechanism is precisely the same way. Once we give ourselves a "target" or a "goal" our servo-mechanism will head toward that given objective. We will receive tons of positive feedback that we are indeed on the correct path toward the goal. But we will also receive negative feedback that will quickly remind us that we are off course. Our servo-mechanism has been so "designed" by our Creator to recognize that we are off course and attempt to self-correct. It is important to know that WE are not the servo-mechanism. We simply have use of one. The missile is NOT the military it serves but it is merely used by that military. Negative feedback is recognized and "hunches" for self-correction or improvement are provided. We don't have to try to find solutions for being off course, our servo-mechanism will provide them as "flashes of inspirations" (What Hill refers to as The Sixth Sense).  If we allow our servo-mechanism to respond positively to the negatie feedback then we will soon find ourself back on course toward the selected target.

Tony Guthrie