Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Santos Rolon Stockton, CA - California, United States

Posted: 2016-12-23

The Six Sense

As I listened and read, to this Chapter - then took a look at the various posts some very interesting thoughts come to Mind.

Inspiration- something i count on daily to release some of my own personal work i use as forms of therapy, Horrible stinking Thinking Dominated

My Life for at least 48 years. Doesnt mean im perfect by any stretch by i am Not the same person i was Yesterday!

Meditation has become a Great part of my daily rituals

I cant say i completely understand how the six sense works but I definately believe Our CREATOR has given us Gifts

and these Gifts are for Service. We MUST develop these gifts to become more Valuable, I would agree with the insight

given to us by members who posted, We definately need Council especially in the form of Right counsel and People 

we can trust and grow with. I carry a Pad and pen with me just about everywhere these days because I never know

when a thought a inpsiration an insight will come to Me.. Generally its Good to be prepared during those moments of quiet

Meditation and visualization, but often when out and about we get these Hunches or Ideas and we should be ready to WRITE.


Life Becomes More Purposeful and Meaningful when we surround ourselves with like

minded people we can brainstorm with

and Learn and exchange ideas with.. So I appreciate What I have been learning and APPLYING, here at MFF. Educate, Applicate, Motivate. 

We Must Grow to become Who we Feel we need to be. Not focused on What others would try to IMPOSE On Us,

in wrong ways. We MUST BE BELIEVING We are Growing DAILY!