Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sunnie Ward Huntsville, Texas, USA

Posted: 2016-12-22

"This “stepping up” process takes place through the positive emotions, or the negative emotions. Through the emotions, the vibrations of thought may be increased."

The amount of energy we possess allows us to get our creative juices flowing! Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. 24 hours to put our imaginative thoughts to action. The mindset you carry can often allow you to step up into a positive mindset or step down into a negative mindset. Every morning you wake up, you are determining the way you want to treat the world by how thankful you are for another chance at life! If you wake up grumpy, it will most likely cause you to have some negative, unhappy emotions whereas waking up excited and ready to take on the day gives you exactly what you prayed for and your emotions will affect others positively. Choose wisely in which direction you would like to take and all of your emotions will go with you!