Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-12-21

where are Your thoughts taking You, Your thoughts driving Your world are You becoming more of what You are working towards; are You being drawn towards that goal that You have set as Your major goal from life or are You just drifting and going poor me. how You feel about Your or dream projects to those around us.

we are speaking and thinking our reality into existence; we will pick up the thoughts of those around us and draw those who are able to assist us to achieve our goal. we need to be emotional about our goal and also help others to become emotional about their goals. for some its love, others it's so much more.

You can constantly have charities asking for donations owing to your giving nature that You may have to say sorry I am unable to do that right now but how about You call me back or ask me again later / next time and we will see if can help You then, you can say Yes or You can be like sorry I have a family to support and am unable to afford a donation.

the first two are examples of someone who is willing to give someone wants to help out, at times they may have say right now I am unable to and its ok they are happy to give. whilst the 3rd is an example of being unwilling to help out charities that they constantly are in that state of lack where they pull that lack towards them.

whereas the first two examples are ones of abundance and know that there is more than enough to give, our brains will draw either of these to us whichever we are in whether it’s the positive or negative emotions. lack or abundance, often one may have little money but have the time to volunteer to a charity to help them that is still from the abundance mindset that we are able to give a portion of our time which we have on our hands to others.

we can do the same with our own businesses that we can repel or attract those to us who are going to be our business partners. we simply do this by talking about what we are looking for in a partner or we can talk about what we hate about that person, in the same way, we are again attracting to us the same results. we can say that we love those who dress in active gear as they want to live a healthy lifestyle and are focused on being healthy or we can say complain about how everyone is dressed in active gear these days.

either way we are drawing both to us it’s a matter of what we focus on that is drawn to us through our own brain and the power of our own thoughts. I am just curious what are You constantly focused on helping others, earning ann income, the bill that’s due, when You focus on helping others and offer to help others Your life is worth it. when You are focused on earning an income and only an income it becomes a constant battle to survive.

the choice is Yours what You attract and draw to You constantly.

thank You to my amazing friends from around the world, my amazing wonderful mentors Michael and Linda Dlouhy as well as Ken Klemm for Your ongoing guidance, love, support, and encouragement helping to build a better life for the future. thank You also to my wife for life Jenny for Your own ongoing support, love and encouragement.

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia – moving to Gold Coast of Qld by 29 may 2021

ps I am just curious what are You constantly drawing to You?