Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rita Bingham Spring, Texas, USA

Posted: 2016-12-21


Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 13

The Brain

In the beginning in the Mastermind Group, you may only be receiving the vibrations of thought.  After being stimulated with more interaction with the group, we start to step up and get into “broadcasting” mode and provide more and more interaction with the group.  Some of us may have found many emotions to have been quiescent or thought they were non-existent, however with weekly stimulation with like minds, our emotions and thoughts evolve; picking up a thought here and there.  Expanding on that thought and passing on to “Sub-conscious Mind.  When fully engaged, we come full circle an into our full potential as we graduate to “Receiving and Broadcasting”.  Knowing in completing the cycle, we are adding our knowledge to the group, to add that missing piece that may just inspire someone else.  becomes

The mind becomes more receptive to the vibration of thought that reaches through the universe from outside sources.  This happens when the process is “stepped up”. The stepping up takes place through positive emotions and or negative emotions.  These emotions increase vibrations of thought.  At an exceeding high rate, we see that these vibrations are picked up and carried by the ether from one brain to another.  Thought is traveling at an exceedingly high rate of vibration, and thought has been modified and passes from one brain to another.  Thought is now broadcasting from one brain to another.