Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tony Guthrie Huntsville, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2016-12-20

 Chapter 13 : The Brain

This chapter helps me to understand where proponents of the Law of Attraction (Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, and others) got the idea of "thought vibration." Most proponents of the Law of Attraction unashamedly state how Think and Grow Rich shaped their life philosophies. In my earlier years I thought the concept was kind of weird. But then, after a few years of maturity and growth, I came to realize the viable truth of the concept. In fact I have been in large gatherings where people had gathered for a single purpose or cause. I have written lots of blog posts and many of the ideas for those posts have come from thoughts that just "popped" in my head while as I was at a particular place or gathering. I have come to appreciate the idea and concept of thought vibrations. 

As I have shared before much deprogramming has to take place in my mind and life. My mentor and friend, Bob Shoaf, constantly reminds me that we create our own reality. I created all the "non-success" in my earllier business endeavors. It is just easy (and seemingly natural) to think of how bad things are rather than how good things are and can be. Our brains are powerful forces. In fact, some years ago I was reading the writings of the late Earl Nightingale who stated that we have only tapped into 10% of our brain's potential and capacity. He said if we would start our days actually thinking about our work and goals then we would be much more successful. He stated simply and categorically, "The problem with men is they simply don't know how to think." Bob Shoaf reminded me earlier today that Mentoring for Free trains us in How to Think, not What to Think. I am glad for that reminder. 

I am thankful for Michael Dlouhy. I have spoken to Michael in a coaching call. That one call contained the pearls of success. I now have to focus on how we all here at Mentoring for Free are working toward a mutual cause. I trust that even through the reading of these posts that new thought vibrations will enter my brain and allow me to be more focuses, positive, and successful,

Tony Guthrie