Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2016-12-20

Chapter 13 The Brain

In this chapter Hill teaches us that the brain is capable of receiving thoughts from other brains via the creative imagination and sending thoughts via the subconscious mind.  Two things came to mind when I read it this time, one is that we have incredible potential to create whatever we want in life and two is that we have a huge responsibility to stay positive, not only for ourselves but for the others who may pick up on the vibrations we send out.

Our minds are more receptive to receiving outside thoughts when they are "stepped up" by emotion.  If the emotion involved is positive our own minds and those around us benefit.  We experience this often during the masterminding conference calls at MFF thanks to the positive energy that is experienced there, and the results are life changing. 

Recently I heard conversation there about a book about gratitude that got my interest.  It came up again in a private conversation, and suddenly I knew I had to have that book. I bought the ebook version and began reading the chapters, one a day.  The more I read and follow the instructions, the more my life changes....and thanks to the mastermind I am "getting" gratitude at a whole new level.  This is a good example of creative potential...who knows where reading the book will lead, but if it weren't for the broadcast from others in the mastermind I wouldn't have known about it, and if the energy behind the idea were not a powerful one I may not have acted on it.  

Imagine, on the other hand, if the conversation had been negative.  What if people were expressing anger, a strong emotion.  In that instance, the result could have been very different.  Have you ever had the experience of hearing something upsetting and not being able to let it go?  I used to have that experience would be like a broken record in my mind going round and around until something strong enough to distract me from it got my attention.  This is where our responsibility comes in.  Now that we know how powerful our thoughts are when backed by emotion and how we broadcast them to others, we have a responsibility to keep them positive to spare others from the negativity.

Fortunately we also have the tools to do that, the most powerful being auto-suggestion or self-talk to be sure we continually feed positive thoughts to our broadcaster, the subconscious mind.  Not only is it important for us, but it is important for those around us who pick up on our brain waves.

Most people live their lives in the default negative spot of those who don't have any idea of how powerful they are and how simple it is to shift gears and experience a different kind of life.  Once we have the knowledge, however, we have the responsibility to use it well, benefiting ourselves as well as those around us.  The potential for change is unlimited we need only take action.

Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA