Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mary McLean Carrigallen, Leitrim, Ireland

Posted: 2016-12-20

Chapter 13 – The Brain, A Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought


Everyone knows that feeling when you walk into a room and “sense” a tension in that room. We know without being told that there has been some sort of disagreement between the people in the room. And this happens even when the people in the room are now smiling at us and pretending everything is ok.

Our brain picks up on the vibrations without any effort on our part.

In his YouTube video “Proving the Power of Thought”, Michael demonstrates the above principle in action. If you have never watched it, take a little time to watch it today. It’s only 7 minutes but it will show clearly how our brain works as a receiving set for the brains of others.

 I have done this experiment in various groups and it works every time. All human beings have this ability.

This can be positive or negative. It depends on us. If we surround ourselves with negative people, not only their actions and their words, but their thoughts will also influence us negatively.

Some people believe they are not easily influenced by others and still they are very careful who they allow their children to associate with.

No matter how strong minded we like to believe we are, all of us we are influenced at least to some degree by everything in our surroundings.

We can control our environment most of the time. We can choose to surround ourselves with positive people who are enjoying life and following their dream.  And we can read positive personal development books and network marketing books to learn new skills, filling our minds with positivity and the skills we need to succeed.

And there’s no better place to surround ourselves with like-minded positive people than here on these Mentoring For Free calls.

Mary McLean