Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Christine Lewis-anderson Bronx, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-12-20

According to Napolean Hill, the brain is both a receiving and transmitting station. This explains why we put out what we take in. For example, if we listen to a lot of gossip, we tend to talk a lot of gossip. If we read a lot of prayers and scriptures, we tend to speak prayers or praying words. Moreover, if we listen to lots of politics, we tend to talk nothing but politics. We experience this daily in our lives; even on social media sites.

I personally, have a lot of friends on social media. They range the whole gamut. For instance, I have friends and family. Then I have school friends. I have church friends. I have business associates too. Now, the business people are on there to make money. They promote their business all day long. They are selling and recruiting. They do not have time to waste. As for the school friends, they vary. Some are musicians; some are artists; Others are massage therapists. A few of them are allied healthcare professionals. As for the church family, we exchange prayers and positive affirmations throughout the day. This often results in a healing atmosphere. It is an atmosphere of believers who support one another through thick and thin. The family operates behind the scenes. They are not as transparent as the others. Personally, I prefer to communicate upfront. That way, there is no misunderstanding or guessing as to what our intentions are.

The fact is, the brain is so powerful. In an open forum such as this, we tend to choose our words carefully. This is a good thing because the subconscious mind is so tricky. It is constantly being influenced by the ether and the thoughts of surrounding individuals. Expressing ourselves, openly, allows us to control our thoughts. Do not get me wrong. There are a lot of jokers on the site as well. Thank God! If we were all the same, life wood be boring.

Personally, I find that I treat everybody differently. That is, I laugh and play with some and am cordial with others. I find that the emojies are the best invention since sliced bread. They can be more neutral. That way one can ride the fence. Some of us do not want to commit or risk saying the wrong thing.We want to avoid statements that may keep us in "hot water" for life. (Smile)


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas, MFF Family. We have so much in common.