Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-12-20

Chapter 13 - the Brain

The Brain is defined in the dictionary as the organ of the body in the head that 
controls functions, movements, sensations, and thoughts.

The title of this book is THINK and Grow Rich.

To THINK, the dictionary states, is to form a mental picture of, to call to mind, 
to subject to the logical processes of logical thought or think things out.  

In other words the brain controls our thinking and we are in control
of our brain, IF we so choose.  Everything comes down to choice and
action as Hill has been telling us in each chapter of this book.

My brother, Leo, owned and operated a backhoe and that is how he
made his livelihood.  He chose to understand and become so skillful at
operating that machine so precicely that the backhoe became 
an extension of himself.  The arm of the backhoe may as well have been 
attached to his own arm. When Leo accepted a contract and went to work, 
whether it was digging a well, putting in a septic field, or digging a ditch, 
he would know in his mind what the end result should be and each movement was 
controlled first in his mind and extended through his arm to the arm of the machine.
The arm of the backhoe did not do anything that Leo did not first control 
in him mind. Leo became so skilled that when anyone wanted any kind of hole
dug they would call him because they knew they would get what they wanted.

WE are in control of our thoughts IF we so choose and our actions define those

So I ask myself, what choices am I making?  Have I chosen to learn the
Big Al skills so that they have become a part of me?  Have I chosen to understand the
personality colors so I can distinguish a persons color as quickly and accurately
as Michael Dlouhy does?  Have I chosen to plan my business, set on paper my goals 
and how I am going to achieve them?  Have I chosen to become so skillful in my
business that it has become an extension of myself?  Am I truthfully ALL IN?

Whether we are a backhoe operator digging a well or whether we are a Network
Marketer we have a brain and we can use it to make excuses on why something will
not work or we can use it to become so skillfull in what we do it becomes an 
extension of ourselves?

Success begins in the mind first and once we have made the choice of success,
it is only then that we can broadcast the know, like and trust to others and 
people want to do business with people who know where they are going.

People called my brother, Leo, when they wanted a well, a septic tank or just a hole in the 
ground because they knew he had the skills to get the job done.

I ask myself, am I the kind of coach and mentor that people will call because
they know I have the skills to get the job done?  It all begins in the brain
and the power of choice.

Tuula Rands