Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ryan McChesney Tampa, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-12-20

Chapter 13

The Brain


In any sport, if you look at teams that have won championships, you would notice that the team took after their centerpiece of their team, the head coach. The head coach is the one who guides the team from the beginning of training, through the season, and into the off-season. The coach can lift his/her team to play to their full potential, or they can allow their team to think they don't have what it takes to be successful.


When you think about the head coach of a team, you're also thinking about your brain and the power of it. Think about it for a minute. Your brain is both a receiver and broadcaster of your thoughts and feelings. It has the power to lift you to your full potential, or it has the power to keep you from your potential.


That's why we have to protect our thoughts and train our brain to only allow and focus on the positive emotions. When you're feeling good, things began to happen for you. When you're feeling bad, things feel like it keeps getting worse. Remember that you have a choice on your attitude, feelings, and what goes in and out of your brain. So which story would you rather tell when you're older, how you lived up to your potential? Or how you could have done more?


Ryan McChesney

Tampa, Florida