Think & Grow Rich Lessons

Posted: 2016-12-20

What I think of this Chapter is that our brain is like a battery. There is an old saying our vibe attracts our tribe. Therefore we must control our brain or else we will go insane. We must UTILIZE what we learn from our mentors or else everything is meaningless. This applys not only for network marketing but for life as well. Use it or lose it!! Think of your garage having room for 24 cars, one person does not pay his fee for it, you of course then tell the person he can't park here anymore. It is no different than having someone or something that does not bring value to your life. You have to let them go because they are no different than the tennant who does not pay their garage fee. They in other words drain your energy instead of increase your units of energy. The more skills you have in this business the more attractive you become as a sponsor and as a friend to others in life. Take Gene Mc Cloud for example, she is giving Colors Presentations. One day she will be the next Turnley Rucker.

We must avoid having ONE negative thought in our mind. Because one negative thought ruins the project that we want to accomplish. NO different than a car that breaks down and that can't be fixed.

Lawrence Bergfeld