Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Santos Rolon Stockton, CA - California, United States

Posted: 2016-12-16

Wow !One of the Greatest GIFTs from our Creator to You and I! Wow!

I dont think we will ever truly understand the full capability and potential of the Organ Called THE MIND in this lifetime.

Even though full capacity will not be Known, what we do know and how we use our Mind can be both very Powerful or either very Dangerous.

Most will use it for the latter, I choose to TRAIN it DAILY and become more consciously aware of how it can help me serve others and myself,

My observation and conclusion is > Choose to Use it in its most powerful and positive way. 

The Mind has to be NURTURED and Protected by RENEWING it or as i like to call it OPTIMIZING the Paradigms, reprogramming it with Sources that lead to

New beliefs that will lead to better habits resulting in a total CHANGE of BEHAVIOR. This lesson speaks to us about VIBRATIONS and the mind acting like a 

recepter, I believe termed ether ? we can be next to people and pick up THOUGHTS around us, we can be in a class or on the phone and pick up ENERGY or vibes. 

The more  we simply EXERCISE our mind daily it will help us to becme more consciously aware of our own thinking. by FOCUSING on the things that will help us Grow  

and Understand how we can be more VICTORIOUS daily. The better off we will be! the more energized and the more happier. Belief & Understanding the basics of how this

Wonderful Superb GIFT Operates is the key to a Much more HAPPIER, SUCCESSFULL  and HEALTHIER lifestyle.. Man - I am just so, SO GREATFULL that I could come 

to this Understanding today ! of this SUPERB GIFT our CREATOR has Given to YOU and I! Looking forward!