Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jyllian Smolev Scarsdale, NY, United States

Posted: 2016-12-15

Although this post is rather late in juxtaposition 2 the call, I would like to add something as i  do believe everyone posts donates 2 all of us quite generously and effectively. This chapter by  its very nature is ethereal. As opposed to something that would be corporeal or visceral such as how beating yourself up inside can destroy your life. That's tangible and you can feel that. This chapter to my delight requires anyone who reads it 2 read very closely. It requires intense Focus and the ability to block out all distractions. If I go back and I did 2 read and compare and contrast this chapter and the subconscious mind and its power. When I go and I bring out my book or books on Einstein and his theory of relativity in a mathematical way as well and I bring to bear people who Focus tremendously on the subconscious and unconscious mind such as Freud. When I did this I did not do this so that I wood believe more that which I was reading. I did this because I did believe emphatically in the power of the subconscious mind and it's Journey once prayer as an example takes thought into The Ether. But it is not that simple yet it is so much easier to understand then it might seem. A long time ago I was writing as I have done 4 30 years at least everyday. I was writing on a train and one of the sentences was and the quote would be "travel is the speed of a thought."

In fact the truth of the matter is is that I have had some experiences and I believe probably most of us have some maybe more than others. That would be literally unbelievable. Not to be believed. And so the truth is is that on this train ride from Yonkers to Montreal I had a chance to meat they love to do strangers and learn about them and they allow that in an incredibly intimate and deep way. This has afforded me an incredible opportunity to learn about other people more importantly from other people. And segwaying back it is true to my mind the psychological and extremely extensive papers that Sigmund Freud wrote about the subconscious and the unconscious mind. He would subscribe most certainly 2 Napoleon Hill and what he learned over that 25 year if I'm correct experience that Carnegie afforded him. Secondly science as Hill was describing to us in terms of radio waves and how they are converted and manipulated in order to have us here human voices in the range of hearing that we have which is limited. And he explains the journey that these vibrations go through and the manipulation and adjusting that is done with these waves period sound waves. Vibrations. It is if you can get into Einstein and really understand not just his imagination which is a thought first with quite a bit of emotion and excitement first. And as Hill said then only is anything translated into tangible thing whether it be a Tesla coil or Einstein's equation of E=MC (squared)..... and with a poetic simplicity he explains that E =Mass times the speed Of Light squared.