Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ryan McChesney Tampa, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-12-14

Chapter 12

The Subconscious


Everybody knows that each chapter in this book is just as important as the next one. But this chapter is a crucial one for you to understand. If you want to grow your business, you have to grow yourself personally. That's why this chapter is so critical. What goes into your mind is what stays there.


We all have heard the saying, “you become what you think about most of the time.” If you want to become a professional athlete, then that's what you have to think about most of the time with belief and desire. However, if you think about all the negatives in your life, then you will continue to get those negatives. Why does that happen? It is simple, what you are thinking about goes straight to your subconscious, and your subconscious stores everything you put in it.


For example, as a baseball player, there would be times where I would face the same pitcher multiple times in a season. There were some pitchers that I struggled with, and some where I would get a base hit more than 50% of the time. Looking back at it, the reason that I would struggle with some pitchers was because my subconscious stored the times that I struggled against them and I focused on these thoughts. There were some days where I saw the pitcher warming up, and I would say to myself, “Not this guy again. I went hitless last time I faced him.”


However, when I would face a pitcher where he struggled to get me out, my thinking was completely vice versa. I would focus on each hit I got off of him. And guess what happened when I thought that way, my confidence grew and I would continue to succeed off of that pitcher. Wow, this is amazing to learn many years after I got done playing baseball, and why I struggled or succeeded versus different pitchers.


Therefore, what we think about most of the time comes true. It's a law, called the law of attraction. And the only way we dominate our thoughts with good thoughts is to keep feeding our subconscious those thoughts. And I guarantee that if you do that and stay coachable, things will start coming to you that you have always desired.


Ryan McChesney

Tampa, Florida