Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Louise Douglas Hartford, CT, USA

Posted: 2016-12-14

        The subconscious mind works around the clock.  It receives all thoughts and self impressions.The subconscious mind will not remain idle.  If I fail to plant Desires in my  subconscious mind it will feed upon the thoughts which reach it as a result of my negligence.

Because Positive and Negative emotions cannot occupy my mind at the same time, it is my responsibility to make sure the dominating influence is "Positive."  Mr Hill states there are no toll gates between the FINITE mind of man and  the INFINITE Intelligence.   At the beginning of the year, the thought I had was for a car.  I did not share it with anyone, half way through the year I  got a call from my  son my telling me he was shopping around for a car for me.  I was totally overwhelmed with the call, I am driving the car and that phone call is still fresh in mind.

Much gratitude to Michael and Linda and the MFF team for sharing and teaching me.