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Posted: 2016-12-08

Chapter 11 The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

The Ten Mind Stimuli

Our human mind responds to stimuli with which the human can be keyed up to high rates of vibration, these are knowen as

1 enthusiasm 2 creative imaginative 3  intense desire etc.  The stimuli to which the mind responds most freely are :1Desire  for SEX  expression  2 LOVE  3Burning desire for fame power and money.

4  Music  5Friendship between same sex and opposite sex     6 Master mind  alliance based on the harmony of two people who ally themselves for spiritual advancement. 7Auto Suggestion  8  FEAR  9 Narcotic

Alcohol. THE desire for sex expression  is at the head of the list and they are natural and constructive. The last two are destructive alcohol and drugs.   Through our six sense we can attract positive people from across the room if we are thinking and sending out positive vibrations from our body and mind and our six sense can warn us of danger and unpleasant event coming up.  A negative force can be felt from a person through their body language and you can feel it go through you.

When I was given a small baby that couldn't hear ,our first interaction was touching and smiling and she reached out for me to her take in my arms. As the time went on she became familier  with the surroundings and she found her voice it was quite a lreaning expierince for me and the others  it was enjoyable babies have acute six sense.

When I have to make a major decision in my life I always close my eyes and stay still my answer comes right away or usually that day and I thank Him. 

So emotions are a state of mind, nature has provided us with a chemistry of a mind which operates in a similar to the principles of chemistry of matter.