Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ray Gauthier Pasadena, ca, U.S.

Posted: 2016-12-08

Coming into the understanding that the sixth sense is creative imagination and is hardly ever used  Only a small amount of people use creative imagination

deliberately . It must be remembered that it functions between the mind of man and infinite intelligence where ideas come into one's mind. Creative imagination

 is also like one's mind is experiencing extra ordinary vision and  a view  internally and projecting outward.


In this state of mind you become receptive to ideas that can only be received in the state of mind. This faculty must be developed, which is done thru use.. Ideas are more

reliable than accumulated knowledge because of their sources. It's  important that we work thru synthetic and creative imagination. Also when organizing ideas and or

principles acquired thru experience our synthetic  imagination can complete plans ,It is also  necessary to employ our creative imagination to complete our plans.


by concentrating on the plans and also using visualizing . Keep in mind this creative imagination must be deloped.One can also use sex energy the creative energy .When themind is stimulated thru the creative faculty of iimagination this

energy must be transmuted in a form of action in order to lift one to a higher state.