Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2016-12-07


Our bodies are like massive storage batteries for 
Energy. We need lots of energy to run all our systems. 
Our systems compete for energy. We feel sluggish after 
a heavy meal when our digestive system demands more to 
process it. We feel sick when our immune system’s 
perimeter security is breached and it demands emergency 
priority to fight a major infection.


Our bodies secrete chemicals into our blood stream to 
regulate energy. Some of these excite the generation of 
energy while others suppress it in general, or from 
specific systems. Emotions trigger the release of these 

The EMOTION of Sex is the catalyst which triggers the 
physical arousal and performance.

EMOTIONAL Stress triggers the release of two chemicals 
- adrenaline and glucocorticoid. The first energizes 
maximum blood flow, rushing an increased supply of 
oxygen to the brain and muscles. The second suppresses 
the performance of other vital systems, such as 
digestive and immune.

Thus chronic stress has potentially deadly long term 

The Emotional Trigger chemicals we secrete also affect 
our Mental Energy States. Positive Emotions trigger the 
generation and stimulate the flow of Energy, while 
Negative Emotions suppress it. 

The suppressed energy is drawn into emotional black 
holes which act as capacitors. These centers can become 
poisonous over time, leading to ill side effects.


Our Emotional Energy fires the transmission of our 
Thoughts. As our emotions affect our moods, so do they 
affect those whom we contact. Our thoughts are 
transmitted in proximity, over the telephone and 
through digital media. Thought Energy is not limited by 
the bounds of space and time.

Witness the video at Through 
Kinesiology, Michael demonstrated how his Emotional 
Energy affected Ken Wilson.

When Michael’s state was Positive, Ken was strong. When 
Michael was Negative, Ken was physically weak. If You 
are skeptical about this, ask our resident skeptic, Bob 

Our Positive Emotional Energy increases our strength 
and well being - and that of those around us. Folks are 
attracted to the source of this life-giving energy.

Our Negative Emotional Energy robs our strength and 
saps our well being - and the same for those around us. 
Folks are repelled by this life-draining black hole.

Please note - Kinesiology is not the transmitter of 
this energy flow; it is simply a means of measuring and 
demonstrating something we do daily.

We give people energy, or we take it away. There are no 
neutral exchanges. If You avoid eye contact with 
someone You pass by, You are vibrating Fear - and thus 
are sapping their strength.

You know the Secret of Self-Talk, and knowing it makes 
You responsible. You are not only responsible for 
maintaining Your own well being via Positive Self-Talk, 
but also the well being of those whom You affect.

You Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm

P.S. “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of 
value.” ~ Albert Einstein