Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Christine Lewis-anderson Bronx, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-12-06

I truly love reading this book. It reminds me of how much I love storytelling . I mean... I love Bible stories. I love bedtime stories. I just enjoy a good story.

The interesting thing is that, I did not realize it until someone brought it to my attention. Yes, one day I was talking to an orderly in a hospital. I told him I was Anglican. He said he was Adventist. I told him my late grandmother was Adventist.

We started to talk about the programs I followed on television and radio. He said, you love story telling don't you? I thought, wow I never really saw it that way. But, it makes sense! Why else would this daily routine work so well for me?

As for this book, every time I read and listen to a chapter, I realize how there is nothing new under the sun. For example, Hill basically, addressed addictions. We all have addictions, whether it is exercise or what have you. Everyone has a vice. Some consider theirs to be smoking, for example.

Anyway, as a result, many of us become genius'. Many of us become "stupid" of "ignorant". Whatever the result is, it can be reversed. I mean, one can always turn a negative into a positive, if Desired.

My belief is that TRANSPARENCY plays a crucial role. I may have said it before, but when friends, family and followers go through trials and tribulations with us, they can relate. They can laugh, mock and ridicule as much as they like. They can EMPATHIZE too. It all depends on the individuals personality.

This is why I enjoy this book so much. it makes me see everything differently. This is why I appreciate this group.

Thank You Michael & Linda Dlouhy

Christine A Lewis-Anderson