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Parnell Wootton London, Richmond upon Thames, United Kingdom

Posted: 2016-12-05

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation - This chapter by far, was a big eye opener for me personally.

Hill clarifies word for word the mystery that surrounds this subject that is so misunderstood by the majority of the masses.

Much of the ignorance on the subject of sex lies in the misuse of sex energy due to a lack of understanding to what it is and how it works.

Hill states ''The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability. Destroy the sex glands, whether in man or beast, and you have removed the major source of action''. He says,”because of ignorance on the subject, this state of mind is generally associated with the physical, and because of improper influences in acquiring knowledge of sex, things essentially physical have highly biased the mind.”

After reading this chapter, I discovered numerous 'aha' moments that caused something of a mental shift. I put to use the underlying instructions in this chapter (control of sexual urge)

and have noticed immediate changes in my productivity; I am more energised, able to focus longer, and my attention span increase. I must confess this transition took place because of utilising my energy sufficiently.

I Thank you all and of course Michael Dloughy for this opportunity expressing our thoughts with this wonderful community.

Thank you & God bless....with gratitude 

Parnell Wootton

London, England