Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tony Guthrie Huntsville, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2016-12-01

I remember the first time I read Think and Grow Rich. I was in my mid-20s and wanted to take on the world. I joined Amway thinking I would make Direct Distributor in one week :-). 
When I read the chapter on sex mutation I was taken off-guard. All the other chapters made so much sense to me (although I did struggle to fully grasped this "autosuggestion" thing). I was not married and, yes, I had NO experience in this physical area. It was hard for me imagine that channeling the desire for sex into a drive for it's monetary equivalent was even possible. I was a fully and completely a healthy young man. I had burning thoughts about sex. But I had committed, because of my faith, to remain "pure" until my wedding night. I was never able, back then, to transfer that strong emotional drive into anything other than it was ... lustful passion for my fiance of the time. 

These years later I have come to better understand this concept. Hill stated that if we can't work ourselves up into a white heat of burning desire for money then we will likely never have it. I understood what "white heat of burning desire" meant (physically) as a healthy young man. Even now, at 55, I still burn with desire for my wife.

It is a simple thing. When I have that desire for my wife and let her see that she is the object of my desire, she wants to be with me in the marital sense. We give each other what we need and want in that area. 

This is how the universe works. Hill calls it Infinite Intelligence. I call Him God. Either way, the universe pours into us what we have a burning desire for. It's just like earl Nightingale taught.

We become what we think about most of the time.

Nightingale said that when we think of nothing else for days, months, and years on end then there is no way the universe will deny us. This is so true.

I remember pursuing my doctorate. I had thought of enrolling for years. It stay with me. It started as an ember but eventually became an all-consuming drive. Well, today I am Tony Guthrie, PhD. Hmmmm. Who'd a thunk it?

Hill teaches with a lot of philosophical jargon in the chapter on sex transmuation. But it is not really that philosophical when you truly think about it.  It is something quite simple. If you can get as passionate about goals and dreams as you are when you are ablaze for your lover then, watch out!

Tony Guthrie