Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2016-11-21


Faith plays a very important part with having persistence the word I'm sharing is "Stickability " to be unmovable not to quick to change,

to hold onto your desire until you reach the monetary equivalent. Having a good strong will power towards the desire is the key opportunity.

Many people who have reached their success of fortunes have been misunderstood, many have been told that they we're very harsh in their

dealings with others who see things a little different then theirs about the attainment of their objectives by having a strong Will-power,and a

strong desire.


There are many of the majority of people who just give up on their dreams and goals because they have no faith in their dreams and goals

that they have set, they started out wonderfuly but some how stop what they desired to achieve. Having persistence along with faith would

open the door of opportunity for anything desired with a strong imagination. Will there be opposition along with other uncertainities yes but 

staying focus will get you what your desire for?


By not having persistence in your your desires you will not be able reach the monetary equivalent on time. Every successful entreprenur

must sustained the effort necessary to have strong faith in what they desire to achieve knowing the the starting point of all achievement is

to have a strong enough desire for reaching any great success in anything. there is no way to fail if you have a strong enough belief at what

you want to happen for yourself. 
The best way for to have success at anything is to learn how to overcome failures is that by using persistence along with faith it will get

you to what you desire to achieve.

Robert Tucker Bay point Ca. US