Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mary McLean Carrigallen, Leitrim, Ireland

Posted: 2016-11-21

Chapter 9 Persistence – The Sustained Effort Necessary to induce Faith –

The Eighth Step Towards Riches


Persistence! What does it mean and how can I develop this skill to help

me to build my MLM business and to help others to reach their goals too?

Persistence means to continue in an opinion or course of action despite

difficulty or opposition.


Everyone experiences obstacles in their daily life, some more than others.

Those who experience the most obstacles are those of us who dare to be

different, to dream beyond the ordinary 9 to 5, 40 year plus plan that is

instilled into us since we were at school.

We were told to work hard and get a good job and be a good citizen. And

then work at that job till we’re too old to do much of anything else apart from

play golf or potter around the garden, while trying to live on about half of the

income we had while working.

I realised a long time ago that it’s not the life for me. I want a better life for me,

for my family and for anyone else who wants my help and is prepared to

persistently follow their dream by putting in the work necessary, work on

themselves and work in their business.

Yes there are times when I come across an obstacle and I don’t know how to

move beyond it. I get disillusioned sometimes and feel like I am alone in my struggle.

But when I reach out to my friends in mentoring For Free as I did this week and

get so much friendship and support and encouragement I realise I am not alone.


And do you know what is so wonderful about these offers of love and support?


All of these people did it without any agenda. None of them will benefit financially

whether I quit or stay. I am not in their business or in their downline. That is the true

spirit of this amazing master mind group.


So thanks to their love and support and encouragement and friendship I WILL

persist, no matter what.


A very big and much appreciated THANK YOU to each one of you and to Linda

and Michael Dlouhy for making it happen.


Mary McLean, Ireland


“Friendship gives us the strength to turn from lambs into lions.”  ― Stephen Richards