Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-11-20


The Eighth Step toward Riches

Persistence is to the character of man, what carbon is to steel.

Our first test to our persistence is when we study Chapter 2 of Success In 10
Steps and Chapter 2 of Think and Grow Rich. There are only 2 out of 100 people
who have a DEFINITE GOAL and a DEFINITE PLAN when they encounter these 2
chapters. The other 98 will ignore these 2 chapters. I know, I ignored them for
the first 2 times I read them. It was only on the 3rd time reading Chapters 2, 3
and 4 that I followed Hill's instructions.

Conquering persistence depends entirely on the INTENSITY OF ONE'S DESIRE. So
Hill suggests we go back and read chapter 2, DESIRE. Follow all the instructions
in the chapter, because this is the starting point of all achievement.

If we are weak in our persistence, Hill suggests:

  1. Reading and following the instructions in Chapter
  2. Surround ourselves with a mastermind group.
  3. Work on our autosuggestion. We call it self-talk.

Ken Klemm had a very good training on "How To CRAFT Your PERFECT Self-Talk." You
may find it at Click on "Specialist School".

Hill also says," "Without PERSISTENCE, you will be defeated. With PERSISTENCE
you will win."


Does it need to be any clearer than that?  Posting lessons INCONSISTENTLY does
not work. One MUST post lessons and speak up, weekly.

I am grateful to Michael Dlouhy and Linda Dlouhy for their PERSISTENCE for 39
years. The last 14 or 15 years with a DEFINITE GOAL and a DEFINITE PLAN to get
where we are today with Mentoring For Free. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

I am also grateful to the members of each of our 9 weekly calls for being there
and forming a mastermind group as Hill recommends. Thank you, thank you and
thank you.

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM

PS: I am also grateful to each person who has downloaded my ebook and who
communicates with me periodically. We too are forming a mastermind group as Hill
suggests. We are helping each other develop our DEFINITE GOAL and DEFINITE PLAN.
Thank you, thank you and thank you.