Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Drew Wilson BLOOMFIELD, New Mexico, United States

Posted: 2016-11-20

Persistence is as old as time. It has a light side and a dark side. Many of us know about a snake in the garden of eden. That same snake is still here today. Making many lives never amount to much. It also helps smash peoples dreams, and families. 

The light side of persistence is always there if we listen. It is the voice that speaks truth into our lives. Which makes us who we are..

Take for instance the apostile Paul. At the beginnig his name was saul. He was a known christian killer and good at his job. He was then blinded and sent to Damascus where he was prayed over and regained his sight. Later he found Jesus and Jesus changed his name to Paul.

Many years later we find Paul in jail and on trail not knowing if he would live or die. He sits in his call and is righting to the church in Ephuses. Chained up so much that he could only move his head. 

During his righting he came up with a word that has never been written down or even in their greek language. He put three words together apokaradohia (apo-kora-dokia) which means streach  head forward. Paul was now known as one of the best thinkers and spiritual men at the time. Plus wrote most of the New Testament in the Bible. His persistence to follow christ had out weighed what he has done in his past. 

Why did I tell you all of this? 

Because throughout his life as Paul and Saul he went head on with nay sayers. Never giving up. Always doing what he felt and new to be right. So much that he died for it. He didnt drew a wage nor did he beg for his food. He didnt die from starvation, nor did he die poor. He died for a dream away of life and a future worth holding onto. As I look back through my life. I notice places where my passion and persistence were woven together so strong I couldnt be swade. And times I just let it slip away. Consistency is worth working on. For without it your persistence and passion will never fall into place. 

Thank you yet again for a great chapter that brings out more and more places to work on myself. And to all those who post lessons thank you for your insight into each chapter we read. 

Drew Wilson