Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Agnes Ra Melbourne, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-11-19

When a child tries to put one foot in front of the other he falls.  Then he gets up and tries again.  Children are definitely born with Persistency. 

How sad that a lot of us lose it along the way as we grow up.  I remember being extremely persistent as a child.  I also remember extremely well the criticism as I started expressing my dreams and goals for my future. 

I have never stop being persistent.  I would actually say that it is one of my qualities.  However reading this chapter made me realized that I am only persistent at things that will not bring me criticism from other.    

I am persistent at going to work, brushing my teeth, cleaning the house.  All things that will keep the critics silent. 

Several times in my life I have tried to reach the starts and go for the moon.  Each time I was criticized and each time I stop short of my goals. 

Being critiqued has stopped me in my tracks more time than I can count. 

Reading this chapter (which no doubt was reading about me and FOR me) made me realized that I need to reset the clock and give it one more try.  With the knowledge acquire from reading this chapter and this book I might finally be able to put some fear to rest and start switching my persistency to a more fulfilling journey.