Think & Grow Rich Lessons

Posted: 2016-11-18

Persistence means following a roadmap to get RESULTS every day and learning new skills to get MORE RESULTS. The only way for massive success in network marketing and in any other business is to be a LEADER. If you are not a leader or have no plans on becoming one then face facts and get out of the game! You have to be coachable by following a recepie. Think about when you want to bake chocolate cake. You must focus on what you need to do to make it as the instructions show you. Avoid skipping steps or else you will not make a chocolate cake and your guests will NOT show up for desert anymore. This business is no different. Four steps. E-book downloads, three special skills calls, coaching call and then duplicating that over and over. "Over and over" is where people fall short.

That is where the Slight Edge comes in. Activities are easy to do and easy not to do. If you do not homework tonight it will not effect you. But if you never do your homework for 6-12 months. Man oh man you will be left behind and its very difficult to catch a wave.

Another thing is that you have to know Color Personalities in this business as well. What does a person like and what does a person can't stand. An important question that Tom Big Al Schrieter mentioned over and over again on his audio "Why do some people succeed while others never do?" People who have success make an effort to understand what makes a person turn on and what makes a person turn off. They were not born with that skill, just like nobody is born to be a salesman when they are a baby. They develop the skill over time.

You have to sound for real in this business because people can sniff a salesman from a mile away. If they do then you are done. And Ken mentions when people are asking questions they are buying and do NOT give people more than they ask for. Because if you do then you are firehosing and nobody wants to be firehosed because you then sound like someone who is right meaning that you won the battle but you LOST the war. Because your prospect now is running and hiding.

Be someone whom others say "Tell Me More!" Not just in mlm but in life as well. Because every relationship driven business no matter how well managed or how good the products are has success!! Teams that play together to win stick together.

Lawrence Bergfeld