Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Aleida McCarth Westminster, Maryland, US

Posted: 2016-01-27

                                                                      CHAPTER 11

                                                 THE MYSTERY OF SEX TRANSMUTATION 
                                                            The Tenth Step toward Riches


In this chapter what I understand is very simple, you need the SIXTH SENSE, THE SEX TRANSMUTATION to be the best you can be, to be able to take all what you have  learned  in Mentoring For Free and by reading THINK AND GROW RICH.

Putting all the steps you have learned since you started this journey to find what you feel is missing for you to able to  achieve your one goal: YOUR BURNING DISIRE OF MONEY, without the ability to transform all you sex desires into  something more than fiscal attraction, you will not be able to reach your GOAL.

I know for me is going to take time, since I am very new in this business.  Not like most of you in this room that  have  been in this journey a lot longer than I have, but with your help I know one day after being here for a year two  or  maybe three I will eventually get there, for that ,I will always be grateful to Michael and Linda for creating this program to teach people that they can be better, and to all of you that are willing to help me and every new person that join us in this journey.


Aleida McCarthy, Westminster ,MD