Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Noel Figueroa Cape Coral, FL, USA

Posted: 2016-11-01

Great Day,

Imagination is the magic ingredient sprinkled on Burning Desire. Imagination whether synthetic or creative stirred with Specialized Knowledge creates the recipe known as action.     
I remember practicing my presentation alone in my living room with my eyes closed. I envisioned myself standing on stage before a packed arena addressing thousands of enthusiastic "crazy" people. My imagination took over and I actually felt that I was presenting in front of this large crowd. I felt the excitement rush through my body. This feeling compelled me to join Toastmasters International. As a result, I won 9 out of 10 speech contests. My tenth speech and only loss was due to lack of preparation. I must admit I became cocky. 
After a few months at Toastmasters something happened to me. The challenge of speaking to my Toastmaster group disappeared. I found myself losing interest. Imagination took over once again. I found myself joining several Toastmaster groups. The fire within was reignited.
This past January I was invited to a regional event in Orlando, Fl. Unbeknownst to me I was recognized for ranking 3rd top recruiter in the State of Fl. I was standing on stage in front of hundreds of excited "crazy" people. That feeling I felt in my living room was now real.
Although I did not speak to this enthusiastic crowd, I know that anything I can conceive and believe, I can achieve. Burning Desire + Imagination = Results.
I believe that my sincere conversation with Michael and this program, MentoringForFree, is the logical decision (synthetic imagination) to get me to my ultimate goal of presenting before an arena of thousands of enthusiastic, "crazy" people around the globe (creative imagination).
I look forward to learning from you Michael.   
Thank you
Noel Figueroa