Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-11-01

Chapter 6 - Imagination.

How many of the parents among us have not laughed at our children when on Christmas morning having opened those oh so expensive presents we see the contents have been discarded and the box they came in is now a rocket, car or pirate ship along with full sounds effects and actions?

That’s imagination at work!!

In this most exciting of chapters we come to see that everything man has ever discovered or invented has been borne out of an idea to which has been applied a healthy amount of imagination, because without the imagination to help it form, grow and develop, an idea is just an idle thought floating in the ether.

In the two stories forming the bulk of this chapter Hill neatly describes the true power of combining an idea with imagination. The Coca Cola story is a powerful lesson in being able to see the bigger picture. In paying over his life savings to buy something which already existed Asa Candler had in his imagination already seen the market of millions who would be drinking his concoction, not to cure all ills but just because it tasted good.

 In the second story, we see Dr. Frank W. Gunsaulus using his imagination not to adapt something which already existed but to bring to life an idea originally formed in his mind at college but which only came to life when let his imagination go to work to create the plan for converting the idea into action.

Sadly, for some, the power of imagination can fade through lack of use, also for many this powerful tool is used more for wishful thinking than a device to trigger action. Fortunately for us, there are still many able to recognize the real value of allowing our minds free rein to explore what could be. How many of us do you think would be reading this today had Michael not applied huge amounts of imagination to add fuel to an idea formed before but brought to reality, on paper at least, on a trip home from an event all those years ago?

Something at that event fired his imagination and converted Michaels idea into action. Those actions brought to life the system and support those of us able to listen to the coaching calls and read incredible posts from, Margie, Tuula, Mary, Ken, Bob, Anthony, Ben Nathan, and all the other leaders every week, so value today.

With heartfelt gratitude, John Smith Gloucester UK.