Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-10-28


The Fifth Step toward Riches

This morning I got an email from Zig Ziglar, titled, "Have You Heard?" My 6th
Sense told me that would be a good title for a Facebook Post.

Zig went on to talk about how tough a place the world was, that life wasn't

I directed my short article to the NWM industry and how creating an income can
be a very cruel place. I used information I have heard many times on our
training calls.

This is an example of using "hunches or inspirations" that have been directed
from infinite intelligence to help guide us toward our DESIRES. DESIRES we have
told our subconscious mind by way of our self-talk.

Another example of using these "hunches or inspirations" is when we are talking
to clients. We are sometimes led in a certain direction. It, again, is infinite
intelligence directing us. If we are listening, and go in that direction, we
will be able to build a relationship with that person much easier and stronger.
That happened to me on a call the other evening. The reason this "hunches or
inspirations" work so well is due to the Universe being far smarter than we are.
It knows how and where to lead us. It's up to us to listen.

I am so grateful for this MFF system Michael and Linda have put together for us
to practice and perfect our skills. Where could we get such support, at any
price? I dare say it doesn't exist.

Then there are the mastermind members offering support, also honing their
skills. Where could they get such training and support, at any price? I dare say
it doesn't exist.

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM

PS: Then there are the clients I talk to on a regular basis. I am so grateful
for them and their participation. They have tapped into this training and
support given by Michael and Linda and the mastermind members. Where else could
they get training with the value and quality offered here in MFF? I dare say it
doesn't exist. Now my client has the perfect environment, to learn skills,
skills, skills. Skills needed to be successful.

So, I, when I listen to my client and my 6th Sense and follow those "hunches or
inspirations"; I have the best opportunity available to build a strong
relationship with them, by directing them to the training they desire.