Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Calicotte Hannibal, Missouri, USA

Posted: 2016-01-26



Mr. Hill states that sex transmutation means "the switching of one's mind, or "dominating mental focus", from thoughts (and consequent actions) of a merely physical

expression to thoughts (and consequent actions) of another nature." 


We need to learn to take this form of energy that is normally thought of in only the physical sense, to stimulate our minds so we can get our creative imagination

working.  I think the best way of doing this is to do what Michael is always telling us to do.  Stop all the chatter in your mind and get rid of your agenda.  Focus and

concentrate on what your true desire is you want to achieve.  Find a quiet place all alone and focus all of your thoughts and energy on what you are wanting to do, and

your creative imagination will start working.  The new ideas or solutions to your problems will just start flooding into your mind.


I have found out, after joining the Mentoring For Free group and reading this book, that anything I set my mind to, I CAN DO!!


Forever grateful,

David Calicotte