Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Noel Figueroa Cape Coral, FL, USA

Posted: 2016-10-26

Great Day,

I thought about my parents when I read this chapter. Between Pops hard work in a factory for 35 years and Moms stubborness not settling for average they accomplished much. My parents own two beautiful homes in NYC and Puerto Rico and 2 acres in Puerto Rico mortgage free. My parents have been debt free since I was a teenager. I mention this because it illustrates Hill's point. My father also had a sixth grade "formal" education. My mother acquired her GED much later in life and attended some college and taught herself English. Mom was determined to set the example that hard work coupled with focus on a particular endeavor would guarantee positive results. They taught us to never rely on government handout. None, nada! No excuses. Welfare was not an option. Period.

I attended NY Institute of Technology right out of high school. My major was architecture. I dropped out within 45 days. I did the next best thing. I started investting in Real Estate. At the age of 18 while most of my friends were hanging out in clubs, I purchased my first investment property. No formal Real Estate education. I just had a burning desire to be a real estate investor. I wanted to own properties. I read a ton of real estate investing books. I was unknowingly applying the principle outlined in this chapter, Specialized Knowledge. The only difference was that I learned it from my parents.

That burning desire coupled with self-education, Specialized Knowledge, has grown into an impressive real estate portfolio. But just like college, I made a 360 degree turn. I was introduced to a new challenging profession. Why the change? Because I love challenges. I love to be tested. I'm obsessed with being on the edge. In an out of the box kind of way.

In my real estate venture, besides working with contractors, bankers, etc. I was my own mastermind group. I never experienced a situation where your rise is in direct proportion on those you elevate. I love the concept. I thought public service was a noble cause. Helping people accomplish true change? Helping people see themselves better than they see themselves? WOW!

My short stint here at MentoringForFree has already taught me something valuable. Rereading Think And Grow Rich and listening in on the calls has been extremely beneficial. I'm engaged. I'm doing my self-talk again like I used to do when I first read the book years ago. I read the book four times since I purchased the book and watched Mr Hill's video a few times as he explained each chapter. Now I'm studying the book. Thanks.

Noel Figueroa