Think & Grow Rich Lessons
patricia bowerman austin, tx, United States

Posted: 2016-10-26

This lesson reminds me of myself and my brother. George is left brained and a green personality type. I am right brained and a blue. George made straight A's throughout school, never studied, got any homework completed in school, graduated college and got a respectable job as an accountant. He can name all of Hitler's men, the dates and locations of every move they made, the strategic calls they made and the results. If he had been privileged to their conversations, no doubt he could recall every word. He is in his 50's, employed as an accountant, is fairly miserable but maintains his lot in life. The other side of George is a very talented guitar player who plays in a church band but does little else to enjoy or share his talent.

I can not say I am more successful than George but I am not bored. Frustrated more likely. So many mountains left to climb. Reinventing myself has been my trade. I cannot tell you when the Boer War was or what Hitler did and with whom. If I wanted to know I would google it these days. I was a prop maker in Hollywood by figuring out what was needed in that industry. I then went on to have my own prop making studio. After moving to England I did water loud house portraits when I saw a viable market. Now in Network Marketing I am learning to utilize my sense of adventure, curiosity and practical application to help people overcome health challenges. Perhaps necessity is the mother of invention after all. How can you go to school to learn that. 

While a degree is a very nice certificate of learning and some employers are eager to employ someone with a certificate of learning over one without, often it only shows the discipline applied to learning and not ones ability to learn. Thinking and learning are very different. I learn by doing. Doing triggers a thinking response that 'learning' does not. Absorbing information so I can regurgitate it later lulls me to sleep. I learn best when I can accumulate information because I see a need to be filled that the information will benefit. I have now realized that I see things most people don't. Sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. I enjoy connecting people after seeing a need and knowing people who have certain skills who can spark a solution. 

Living life outside the box has its difficulties. Frustrating at times for sure.  I often imagine a certain contentment being inside the box but I would suffocate. Can't change now....don't really want to.