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robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2016-10-21

SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE: Personal Experiences Or Observations

 This topic tells us that there is two types of knowledge that we must know and understand about General,and Specialized.

Having desire for reaching dreams and goals in life it does take specialize knowledge to have the ability in reaching them.

To know the secrets of success it takes a inner power fron within to help and support the indivisual to see the way for achieving 

their desired plan. True just having general knowledge will not give you the true equivalent or benefit to bring the indivisual the

opportunity of reaching their destination unless it's organized, and intelligently directed through the practical plans of actions to

the definite purpose of the plan. Many understand today,and realized that knowledge has a power only when it is organized into

a definite plan of action, meaning it takes more than just saying you know what it takes but you must have an action plan to

put into action in achieving what has ben set to reach. There is no problem in getting knowledge there is knowledge all around

us to lead and show us how to reach our goals but it takes specialized knowledge with a plan of action to bring it into it's

montetary benefit. Everyone has a certain goal to reach for their financial success in life but you must have a great source

of specialized knowledge required, and the purpose for which is needed to achieve the plan. It's just takes more then just

knowing about something you must have a plan of action.All successful men in all their callings never stop acquiring what

they need for their success in riches and it's by specialized knowledge related to their business or profession. If you want

to reach every st goal for success then you must take action using specialized knowledge to reach your dreams.

Robert Tucker  Bayb Point, California, United States