Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sharon Valentine Houston, Texas, United States

Posted: 2016-10-20

Chapter 4 – Auto Suggestion

I’ve read many good lessons about the power of auto suggestion, and I’ve learned many good lessons about how self-talk works.  But how do I know that self-talk is working?  Am I really changing the way I’m thinking?  Is talking to myself making a difference?

Just like losing weight or building muscle, I can’t tell the difference day-to-day as my body changes.  But when I see a friend that I haven’t seen in months, she notices a big change and makes a comment.  Losing weight or getting in shape are visible changes.  When the changes are inside – in your mind – how do you or your friends notice them?

I notice that my self-talk is making changes is in my behavior.  For business, I’m more focused on building my business because I’ve changed the way I think about my ability to build a business.  In my personal life, I skim or avoid the news because I can’t tolerate the negative view of the world.  I used to have a group of friends who I enjoyed talking to.  Now I have a harder time to be part of their conversation because I think they only discuss what’s wrong in the world, and they don’t see what they have to be grateful for.  When I point out what’s right in the world, I get strange looks.

While you’re saying your self-talk, once in a while test yourself.  Is it changing your behavior?  Do you have a different point of view of things that you consider sacred?  Do your friends give you strange looks?  If so, keep up the good work!  If not, then it’s time to come up with a more effective self-talk. 

Saying self-talk is great and necessary for your success.  But check your results once in a while and make changes to get better results.

Sharon Valentine

Houston, TX