Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rita Bingham Spring, Texas, USA

Posted: 2016-10-20


Think and Grow Rich

Chapter 4



Think about this, “Autosuggestion”, “The influencing of your physical or mental state by thoughts.  It’s a decision. Your decision, decide to use it positively to help yourself.

We’ve seen throughout history, time and time again how autosuggestion has worked, sometimes good, sometimes bad.  We also see it in our everyday life.

For instance, you wake up late, stump your toe as you get out of bed.  It’s going to be a terrible day.  You spoke it (Autosuggestion) now let’s see what happens.  You have a flat tire, you get stopped by the police, you’re late to work, you left a project at home that you were working on for weeks.  No this may seem a bit much but, you put it out there and the universe is seeking to grant your wish, your desire, I bet that’s not what you really meant.

Now, let’s rewind, you wake up late, (Now it’s my theory that when something happens to delay me, it is protecting me from something that I might encounter if I had left at my usual time).  Okay, my day has started a little later than usual but it will be a great day, I’m blessed to wake up to see another day.  I’m grateful and know that anything I encounter today, I will be able to handle.  I get stopped by the police, I’m a little anxious, but I know with my warm personality and pleasing spirit, everything goes smoothly.  Just another delay to keep me safe.  I decided that I would be a Thermostat and not a Thermometer.  I will charge on a make this the best day that I can.  I forgot the project at home that I’ve been working on for weeks, but I’m prepared and confident.  The presentation goes smoothly and effected those involved with even a greater impact since I was flying without a net and prepared.  My enthusiasm and excitement won over even the guy who never smiled or made eye contact.

You choose to autosuggest and choose to believe no matter what, you will have a wonderful day.  It’s your decision.

In this chapter we see how a banker (Who embezzled funds) commits mental suicide when he finds he will be caught.  He kept saying, The embarrassment, It will kill me.  In a short time, It did.

Carl Lewis, a distinguished athlete, was told over and over that it was physically impossible for anyone to jump 30 feet or more.  He stated that he didn’t listen to that because his feet might hear it.  He autosuggested that he could jump over 30 feet, and he did.

Look at the word “Impossible”.  What are putting the emphasis on?  I choose to say “I’m Possible” in everything I do.  Since I have, more and more things that this time last year I thought were impossible, have become possible and have happened.

Suggest to yourself that your dreams and goals are possible.  Make a decision to autosuggest and self-talk and affirm daily all that you want, need and desire.  Have faith and see what happens.