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Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2016-10-20


The Third Step toward Riches

To me I know that auto suggestion works

As an example if I have said over and over to myself that I can be a sober good human being filled with the desire to help others do the same and I have had the opportunity to help another human being get well with no expectations of anything for me except to remain a servant of God and carry a message of goood will and sobriety. My definition of sobriety is that it is a state of mind.

Since this principle of auto suggestion has worked for me in this way I know it will work for me by creating in writing and saying out loud my desire for a certain amount of money by a certain date.

Below are my written 6 steps for the amount of money I wamt and how I am going to get it and what I will give to acquire it.

1-I want to acquire $100,00.00

2-I will acquire this amount of money by providing products and giving my customers the best service there is in my MLM company.

3-I will have made this money by January 1, 2021.

4-My plan for acquiring this money is to produce as many quality ebook downloads as possible and help those clients to be successful in there businesses.

5-I will acquire $100,000.00 by January 21,2001 by giving away the ebook STS and helping my clients understand the 10 steps to success as outlined in the book by Michael Doulhy.

6-I am now reading this staement out loud daily and imagining what $100,00.00 looks like and what I will use it for.

Day by day in everyway I am getting better.

Your servant

Marcel Schmidt