Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-10-19

How is it that I've read this book for years and I STILL miss things?  Maybe my mind
hasn’t been ready to absorb the truths buried within some of these paragraphs.  


Today my mind was all over the place.  If you’ve ever seen a jester’s hat with the points
sticking out all over it, well, that was my brain today. Whenever I feel Fear, it’s difficult to get
laser focused.  I find myself spinning my wheels, accomplishing nothing.


So tonight I took back control of my mind. 


I quit pacing around. I sat down and closed my eyes. 


I breathed deeply and attempted to let my brain go into neutral, which is really impossible
to do. Especially when you have a BLUE brain.  It’s impossible for me NOT to think. But I
went to that perfect place, which is always by an ocean, and I allowed the waves to wash away
the clutter and the fear. 


I sat there.  And after a good while in that quiet place, I asked God to show me the next steps to
take.  My conversation with Him was pretty simple. 

"I don’t need the whole plan; I only need to know the next step to take. I'm going to quit trying
to figure it out, and take massive action. I'm going to fall on my face and get back up.  I'm going
to look like a fool and that's okay. I am going to get over myself and get out of my own way."


I have several self-talks that I use for various situations in my life.  Tonight all I could hold onto
were these three words: CONFIDENT, DETERMINED, ACHIEVING.  These Warrior Words
are certainly more powerful than scattered, timid, and scared. 


Today was an important day for me.  I drew a fresh line in the sand and I stepped across it. 


Scattered?  No.


Timid?  A little.


Scared?  Yes, but not as much.






ACHIEVING?  My results by December 31, 2016 will prove it.


Margi Starr

PS    To make more, you have to become MORE.  Period. Who's coming with me?