Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2016-10-18




The Third Step toward Riches

Auto-suggestion is a very strong influence on our lives and starts from a very early age. The suggestions can be positive or negative. It has been shown that children who are continually bombarded with negativity, such as “you are no good and will never achieve anything good”, often end up on the wrong side of the law.

Those who receive positive affirmations continually usually achieve what they seek in life. They use auto-suggestion to send positive thoughts or desires to the subconscious mind, using increased vibration caused by the positive human emotions, through the gate between the conscious and subconscious mind and beyond to the Universe.

This constant bombardment of the universe with positive requests or affirmations causes it to respond with ideas and plans to achieve the goals being sort. These must be recorded in writing and acted upon according to the organized plan provided.

The thoughts, ideas and dreams, which come in response to requests to the Universe require immediate written recording, otherwise they may be lost or picked up and used by another brain. This is why we are urged to have note pads and pencils distributed throughout our immediate environment to allow such recording.

At Mentoring For Free we receive training on how to craft the ideal Self Talk which is what we call auto-suggestion. However the Self Talk is only as good as the emotional charge given to it by the Human emotions of Desire, Faith and enthusiasm, it is this charge that causes the necessary increased vibration to such a high frequency to permit transmission to the subconscious mind and the Ether.

Mervyn Drury

Canberra, ACT, Australia.