Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-10-17

Chapter 4 – Auto-suggestion.

Auto-suggestion is the tool we can best use to feed instructions into our sub-conscious mind. In this chapter Hill repeats a number of crucial points and adds further instruction on how we achieve our desires: -

  1.  To go back to the six steps contained in Chapter 2, re-read and follow all of the instructions to make a WRITTEN statement of your desires to be read ALOUD as often as possibly DAILY and while making your declarations aloud SEE and FEEL yourself already in possession of the money or whatever the object or state you most desire.

  2. The subconscious will accept ANYTHING said with belief, passion and feeling so by communicating those desires directly to it along with constant repetition re-enforces what it had already accepted in good faith as the reality and acts on them to produce the changes we gradually become aware of.

  3. Read again the instructions for the organization of a “Master Mind” group, described in the chapter on Organized Planning.  

  4. Not to be discouraged if despite the best of intentions, we ‘slip up’ and forget to read those stamens, declarations or as MFF members know them, Self-talk daily. It’s not cheating if we start again as soon as we realise we have missed a few days. Concentration and persistence are the keys.

In many ways our success or failure is entirely in our own gift. Think and Grow Rich is the instruction manual, whether we choose to follow the instructions faithfully or ‘dip in and out’ is our choice and will be reflected in our results.

As with following the carefully detailed instructions provided by Mr. Hill, using the opportunities to listen in and contribute to Mentoring for Free coaching calls and reading and posting to this forum are equally choices we can make, or not, but we should understand our results and benefit will again be in reflected in those choices.

John Smith UK.