Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ray Gauthier Pasadena, ca, U.S.

Posted: 2016-10-15

Faith is the starting point of all things. Thru autosuggestion, emotion, feeling,  and desire and  repttion of thought, we can influence the subsciscious mind

with our dominating thoughts. Our conscious mind is the door to what goes in and out of our mind and we have the power to choose

what we place in our minds or to bring out of our mind what we will by being highly conscious and thru will power.


Through repetiton of a thought or formula or plan,we create a habit of that, which is then picked up by the subsconscious when emotionalized with faith

feeling, belief, desire, and then concentrated upon until we have the desire of what we have placed in our minds thru the  power of auto suggestion It is

understanding this process that I become the master of my fate.


Ray Gauthier